Stone Circle Recreated


This page is to document the recreation of the Stone Circle.  (Please keep coming back to be updated on the progress of the Stone Circle's recreation).


Once the platform for the new circle had been created, a visit to it was arranged in June 2017, at which the centrepoint for the structure was fixed and preliminary markers were set up for the four arcs of stones, following the original plan. Linda Lunan took photographs of three of the arcs, but the northwest quadrant was blocked by a high bank which, we were told, would not be removed until after the stones had been re-erected.


It was thought that would happen late in 2017, and I drew up an observing programme for dates up to the end of September, when Linda and I briefly left the country. The weather prevented any observations up till then, and also delayed the contractors. After we came back to Scotland I drew up a contingency plan to calculate the alignments without observations, if necessary, though even a few actual sightings of events would make it all much easier.


In April 2018 Gerry Cassidy and I returned to the site with more accurate bearings for the theoretical alignments, and with the help of surveyors we pinpointed them on the horizon in the three previous arcs, while the temporary posts were moved to mark the cardinal points. Gerry took photographs on each bearing, but the weather was much mistier than forecast. To our surprise the bank in the northwest had been removed and the whole horizon was now clear, so we went back on June 13th to take those pictures. Again the distant horizons were obscured by mist.


On June 28th at last we had a clear evening when we were able to photograph the setting Sun, still close to its solstice declination, and soon afterwards the rising Full Moon, not far from its minor standstill declination. Working up those results with the help of the Interactive Sky Chart on the Heavens-Above website, I found that I could do the same for the various events photographed over the years at the previous site, then transfer the grids to the photos taken from the new one. Frustratingly the exact position of sunset was blocked by the upraised arm of a digger in Gerry’s June 13th, so we had to go back once more and took the opportunity to check the new bearings I had calculated meantime. On that last visit on July 19th we finally had a clear sunny day, so Gerry took new photos centred on all the revised bearings, and at the end of an intense month’s work I turned over the finished results to the City Council Planning Department on August 2nd. The next phase is for the contractors to prepare foundations for the stones, so we await developments with keen interest.


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